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Progress Parade

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Progress Parade

by Unknown

Published ca. 1960

News release reflecting innovations and happenings from the petroleum industry. Includes a sequence on "fishing" for a lost drill bit, soothing an infant with baby oil, how LP gas serves us in the home and on the job, how a "Citadel" service station operator serves his community, and a research program at Louisiana State University that investigates (and finds no) effects on oysters from nearby oil drilling.

Run time 13:15
Producer Unknown
Sponsor American Petroleum Institute
Audio/Visual Sd, B&W


Animated radio waves dissolving into main title: ÒProgress ParadeÓ (good)

Title: Fishing on Dry Land
Pan around desert landscape to oil rig, pan up drilling rig
CU drill shaft rotating, then hanging up and stopping
Animation of drill pipe broken off next to drill pit, deeply underground
VS oil workers
VS hoisting up 10,000 feet of drill pipe, disconnecting it
VS men driving up to work site in 1950s cars
VS the ÒfishermanÓ in action
Roughnecks attaching Òfishing toolÓ to drill pipe, lowering it into hole
MS ÒfishermanÓ feeling his way into hole 2 miles deep
Animation of fishing tool grasping onto lost bit
MS fish caught, drill revealed, everyone congratulates him and smiles

Title: Baby Demands Comfort
CU baby in bassinet crying
CU mother picking up baby in her arms, holding infant
CU bottle of ÒCitadel Baby OilÓ
CU mother rubbing baby oil all over child
Pan from beaker marked CRUDE to one marked BABY OIL
LS refinery
VS huge refineries and equipment
Mother puts baby back in bassinet

Title: Bottle of Magic
CU liquid boiling on ice, producing a burning gas (LP Gas)
CU frying pan with 2 eggs cooking
CU womanÕs hand washing dishes in sink
Many chickens in chicken house clustering around gas burner
Man operating forklift in warehouse
Man operating metal heat-treatment machine
VS railroad switches in the show
VS restaurant kitchen, chef cooking steak
Oil delivery man delivering LP gas to a home from his truck into home gas tank
Little boy looks on

Title: Wearing Two Hats
MS gas station man opening hood
LS service at Citadel service station
MS two men scanning skies with binoculars (civil defense workers)
Man in hat and suit walking into Board of Education conference room
Men looking at renderings of new buildings
Two people in sportscar convertible (Europeans) being served by service station man

Title: Lifeline to Our Oyster
CU hands holding sick oysters
Oblique shot of oil derrick (good)
Looking up oil derrick (good)
Oil industry inaugurates research program to see whether oil is hurting oyster
Inside oyster lab at Louisiana State University
Small tanks with oysters
Hands pouring blanket of crude oil out of beaker onto oyster tank
Water jetting through oil into tank
Pouring oily dirt into water
Underwater explosion near oyster beds (good)
Narrator explains that oysters showed no ill effects from oil
ÒThey never had it so good!Ó
VS staining microscope slides
A species of fungus turns out to be the real villain
Levees and natural changes, plus climatic changes, are affecting the balance of fresh and salt water in oyster bedding grounds Ð not oil
ÒWhy, you may ask, why, were the results of $2 million worth of research given to the oyster industry? ItÕs because oil companies believe that maintaining good neighbors is just good businessÉas long as business and industry are free to lend a helping hand to each other, then everyone benefits.Ó
End title: radio waves dissolve into THE END title.



Reviewer: Spuzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 20, 2004
Subject: Swathe your baby and your oysters!
Every industry has it's own Newsreel it seems, Chevrolet has it's news leader, the steel companies have a couple on here I know, and now the oil companies jump in with their own.. From the Outer Limits title logo we go..
Fishing On Dry Land features oil rig specialists who mainly get broken drill bits out of the hole. Fairly interesting piece, with some over the top acting.
Baby Demands Comfort is all about the manufacture of Baby Oil. It is said that Mothers preferred just using baby oil instead of an infant's first bath! This is scary, and we actually SEE a mother just overdosing her kid with the stuff. Yikes! There's a brief explanation of how baby oil is made, but it doesn't go deeply enough, which is somewhat dissapointing.
Bottle Of Magic tells of LP gas, and how this petroleum is a more safer way to cook your food, de-ice railroad tracks and heat your baby chicks.
Wearing Two Hats details the many hats you gas jockey could take when he's not pumping gas, which can only mean that pumping gas MUST NOT BE ALL THAT INTERESTING ENOUGH lol.
Finally, in the "Yeah right!" category, comes Lifeline To Our Oyster, where scientists examine complaints from Louisianians that the oil rigs are tainting the local oyster population. Now, since this film is SPONSORED by the oil companies, of COURSE they don't find any evidence of this, which is quite funny.
I liked this film. Interesting stories, great titles, and I especially liked the oooomph music after title was shown.
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